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Programmes and Specialist Delivery

How do we deliver Engagement and Participation work?

We deliver through group work interventions in schools and in the community, we also facilitate various events this includes:

The Hub Sessions aim to provide a safe place where young people can express themselves through arts and activities, or just by being able to talk openly with peers and trusted adults. These sessions also help young people to develop important personal and interpersonal skills.

Safe & Well is a 6 week specialist programme that is run by the team in various schools across the borough. The programme focuses on building resilience in students from Years 5 – 9 alongside helping them spot and understand risky situations within their communities. Safe & Well tackles a wide range of issues that this generation of young people face on a day-to-day basis. The programme consists of a number of thought-provoking and engaging activities, which encourage and enable young people to voice their opinions and concerns.

The Good Citizenship Award is an annual gala ceremony, in present of the Mayor of Croydon that aims to recognise selected year 6 pupil’s development in caring for others in their community, an act of random kindness, or to support those young people that may need encouragement to refocus behaviour.



When & where?

School Sessions Safe & Well Programme
  • Term time only, throughout the week for 6 weeks (various primary & secondary schools across the borough)
Hub Sessions
  • Every Tuesday (4pm – 7pm) at Goldcrest Youth Centre CR0 0PL
  • Every Wednesday (4pm – 7pm) at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Centre SE25 6XX
Community League
  • Every Thursday (6-8pm) at Selhurst Sports Arena, Astro Turf, 64 Dagnall Park, London, SE25 6NS
Takeover Challenge
  • Is an annual event which takes place in November
Good Citizenship Award
  • Is an annual event which takes place in April



Tasking/targeting the work

The Hub

All young people who live in Croydon, aged 11-16 can attend The Hub Session’s and get involved in a variety of activities.


The Safe and Well Programme

The Safe and Well Programme is a 6 week programme that is facilitated by Youth Workers in school. The young people who attend the programme are students from years 5 – 9 that have been identified by their school as meeting the following criteria:

  • at least one fixed term exclusion or are approaching this
  • displaying ASB in the local community and/or school
  • have been affected by knife crime
  • family members’ involvement in gang activity
  • risk of being groomed
  • carrying knives
  • making risky decisions


Good Citizenship Award
  • Working with schools to identify year 6 students that may need support with their transition to secondary school
  • Recognising and rewarding the personal and social development of young people as they take an active role in their communities


Takeover Challenge
  • Young people have a voice in order to make decisions that affect them, and encourages them to exercise that right
  • Borough-wide by offering a range of exciting one-day placements where young people can make a positive difference in Croydon
  • Young people can learn new skills, grow their social capital, make new friends and learn about how organisations work
  • Young people will a unique insight to local services and be able to make a meaningful impact on key services in Croydon


Community League
  • Community league provides a safe and inclusive platform to explore issues that young people face whilst providing learning opportunities for those young people in attendance
  • Building positive links between young people, the local community and the police
  • Internal and external partners deliver sprint sessions that allow young people to access services, information, in addition to signposting young people to appropriate agencies



Service Objectives

Children, young people and their families enjoy greater independence & financial stability
  • Improved access to local universal and community services
  • Improved social networks & sense of community
Children and young people enjoy improved educational achievement
  • Successful transition into school / training / employment
  • Skills, interests and hobbies developed


Children and young people enjoy physical wellbeing
  • Children, young people and their parents are healthy and well
  • Children and young people active and enjoying recreational activities
  • Healthy relationships and less risky behaviour


Services are more responsive and consistent
  • Needs identified and early help in place for those in need
  • Children & young people are safe and protected from harm
  • Strength based services




Anne-Marie Marshall – Youth Work Coordinator
0788 185 3509
Sufian Ahmed – Youth Worker
07436 034 620