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Youth Engagement

Youth Congress

Held in the summer of 2017, Youth Congress was the culmination of several conversations with young people across the borough. The event saw over 300 people come together to discuss, and focus on, young people priorities. It was well attended by young people from schools, youth organisations, specialist projects and professionals from the voluntary sector, teachers, youth workers, police and many more.

The event provided local performance groups with the opportunity to show case their talent to other young people, to talk to professionals and their peers about what matters to them the most, to make new friends and to celebrate the positive contribution that young people make to Croydon. The day included a Q and A session with Jeff Boothe (Met Police Borough Commander), David Butler (Director of Education), Cllr Alisa Flemming (Children and Families), Cllr Hamida Ali (Communities) and special guest Ashley Walters (Top Boy, So Solid Crew).

As a result of all the work that young people and professionals produced on the day, including a list of their top ten priorities in the borough, work has been developed to address their concerns. This work is ongoing and will continue to help shape the delivery of both Council led and voluntary partner initiatives in the forthcoming year.