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Did you know that if you were born on or after 1 September 1997, you must stay in some form of education or training until your 18th birthday? You can do this in 1 of 3 ways

  1. Study full-time, e.g. at a school 6th form or college.
  2. Work and study for a qualification, e.g. take an Apprenticeship or Traineeship.
  3. Study part-time whilst you work for an employer, yourself or volunteer (for 20+ hours per week).

Whichever you choose, you will need to achieve at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and / or English.

Choosing the right career path…

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Chosing what to study or train in…

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Choose to earn and learn…

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Work experince & volunteering…

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Financial support

Any help you can get depends on your individual circumstances. See the websites below for more information:
• At the school, college, university or training organisation you are at or have applied to. for general student finance information. support for young people who need some financial help to stay in education or training after age 16. for details on when / how Child Benefit can be claimed.



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